Colfax and Dead update March 2019

Currently I'm working on a slightly different project and short story. I have an outline for where I want Colfax and Dead to go. The next book will introduce more supernatural elements but it will still be somewhat minimal. As much as I enjoy reading Urban Fantasy where the character encounter tons of magic, part of me thinks there would be no way that world could stay hidden from the normal world.

It will probably be June when I'll start working on it. Hopefully finish around Aug/Sept. A month for beta readers and editing. So as much as I want to tell more of the story it will be near Nov/Dec I think before it will be out. If you want to read it sooner, I'm usually looking for Beta readers. Just email me with the subject line Beta to

If you want something now, I highly recommend Dresden Files, Grave Report, or Felix Castor series. 


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