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Revisions and Editing...

Did some revisions, I probably need to do more, here is the first 5 chapters if anyone wants to read them. Honestly if you would like the whole thing let me know and I'll send it.    Chapter 1 Saturday, Oct 21 st 2017 10:48pm I walked with a purpose down Colfax. The occasional smell of exhaust, urine, sweat, and spilled beer used to fill my nose, now I smell nothing. Moving quickly through the little spotlights created by cars and lights on the buildings I ignored those I passed. A scantily clad lady stepped in my way and asked me for a cigarette. “It’s cold, how about we go to my place and warm up.” She said, wearing desperation like it was a cheap dress. I left my cigarettes at home, so I just shook my head and kept walking. I knew the ladies on this street. The ones who looked scared or desperate were the real deal, the ones who looked like they were fresh from college, were they were usually Vice. Picking up my pace, I told myself I should have left soone