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Colfax and Dead Part 3 Chapter 3

A bus helped me get quickly from one side of town to the other. Normally after taking a job I would rest, cash the check and make sure it cleared. Sometimes do a little background research on the person hiring me to ensure I wasn ’t being thrown under a bus. This job was different, I could help Karen and while I knew it wouldn’t buy me her love, I’m sure it would ease the tension between us. Perhaps it will help me forgive myself. Hurrying across town I watched the nightlife along Colfax. The other six people on the bus were probably like myself, living and possibly dying on this street. I got off the bus near a popular music venue, The Bluebird. Signs of Danger had played there a couple of weeks ago. There were some other acts preforming tonight, I lined up at the ticket window to purchase a ticket. After a minute of waiting I was at the window and they asked for some money, I reached for my wallet and felt one of the guns I was carrying. I feigned forgetting my wallet and

Colfax and Dead Part 3 Chapter 2

I caught a ride from the Loves Truckstop to a the off/on ramp at Chambers and I-70. Offered to buy the trucker some food from a Jack in the Box nearby but he was in a hurry to pick up a load. When he stopped at the stoplight offramp I thanked him and jumped out. Then jogged south a little, I had a friend who owed me a couple of favors who lived nearby in one of the trailer parks around Chambers and Colfax. Nick ’s trailer at one time was a top-of-the-line double wide mobile home. Sometime in the 70’s someone set it up and lived in it for twenty years treating the home like it was a mansion. Then when the land it was on was bought out the owner had to move it and couldn’t afford it. So they sold the home to Nick who happened to come into some money, he moved it by going with the cheapest person he could find. The move didn’t go so well and one half of the double wide ended up destroyed on the side of the highway. Nick not to be deterred built a new half for the trailer. His plac

Colfax and Dead Part 3 chapter 1

I woke up slowly to being shaken. Distantly I could hear, “Daniel wake up, Daniel! Wake up!” The faint voice grew in volume and urgency as I was slowly coming out of my usual sleep coma. Funny I thought the only person who calls me Daniel is my wife or my daughter. Forcing myself to wake up I opened my eyes to see a young lady shaking me. Her light brown skin was in contrast to the myriad of colors streaking through her hair. For a moment, my wife ’s name was on my lips but the memory of her death brought down the tower of hope I had already started building. Looking at my daughter, who had both concern and anger in her eyes. I pushed myself into a sitting position. “Did you pass out here?” Karen shook her head as if she didn’t want an answer. “Never mind, look I need your help.” She stepped back from me, not sure if she did it to give me room or because she cannot stand being around me. I slowly sat up stretching each muscle as I could, they tended to get stiff when I re

Non-linear writing.

As some have seen from a previous post and on Amazon, part 1 of Colfax and Dead is done. I finished Part 3 a while ago too and it is pretty much finished with revisions. Yes, part 3, my brain doesn't always write in linear fashion. I could post parts of it online.... I have actually the first three chapters up on . I'll post them here as well. I have chapters 1 and 2 for part 2 done but they are still a bit rough. The idea is to finish 3-4 parts and put them out separately for $0.99 or the 3-4 together for $2.99 on Amazon. I enjoy writing Daxx, in some ways he is a man of action but he is also broken. Part of me wants to go into what happened with his wife or why his daughter hates him. That however isn't something the character would dwell on. At least he wouldn't tell anyone that he was dwelling on them. I write the stories in first person because I imagine Daxx sitting next to me drinking a warm beer and telling me the tales. So sit back, enjoy a

It begins, Colfax and Dead is live!

Part 1 of Colfax and Dead is complete. I made a cover and put it on Amazon for $0.99 if anyone wants to read it. Also available for Kindle Unlimited. It is my venture into Urban Fantasy. I have Part 3 written and am working on Part 2. I know it seems odd that I am writing them slightly out of order but... This series is also my venture into writing without a structured outline ahead of time. So give it a shot and let me know what you think.